Sensual Lesbian Love Making

Sensual Lesbian Love Making

18-02-2018, 23:25
Sensual Lesbian Love Making
There aren't many sights on Earth sexier than two lesbians like Alexis Crystal and Lana Seymour feeling each other up and making love! Kissing passionately as they enter the bedroom, Alexis takes the dominant role and starts to play with and suck Lana's tits. Lana then returns the favor until Alexis pulls her pants off, and eats her pussy doggystyle. After getting her ass and clit nice and wet, Lana makes Alexis cum, then the lesbians engage in some sensual tribbing and 69. Multiple orgasms are had by both lesbians in an incredible fuck session!
Official Release Date: Feb 18, 2018
Category: Lesbian
PornSite: Lesbea
PornStudio: SexyHub
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