Now Or Never

10-07-2018, 01:45
Now Or Never
Akarra has had her eye on her sexy boss for a long time, but he's always dated only the hottest models who audition for his agency. When she learns that he's finally single again, she knows that this is her big chance to make Mike see her as more than just an assistant. Akarra decides the time is right to take a chance, and at the end of a long casting session of hot models in lingerie, she strips down and presents herself for Mike's approval. Akarra had no idea that he's been wanting this for just as long as she has, and as the long-built tension finally pulls the lovers together, they're ready to focus on the now!
Official Release Date: Jul 9, 2018
Category: Passion
PornStar: Akarra Summers
PornStudio: Babes
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